Carvel Kellum

CRA Clinician/BAMSI
508-857-0272 Ext. 110

Carvel is our CRA Masters Clinician. She works for the Child Requiring Assistance Diversion program of the Brockton Family Resource Center as of January 2021. Carvel works with others to develop and oversee a support plan for family members dealing with CRA related issues and also provides guidance and support to caregivers and the School Liaison. Carvel conducts assessments for each family to help them meet their individualized goals with thorough support plans and clinical referrals.  

Carvel truly enjoys being able to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents who are at risk of entering the Juvenile Justice System or are already court-involved. She is excited to have the opportunity to build a unique, positive, and lasting relationship with youth and their families that will open the doors of communication, trust, and transparency. She loves being able to interact, connect, and network with an array of mental health professionals who are plentiful in resources, experience, and knowledge. She believes everybody on this planet is unique and has something valuable to offer. Carvel is passionate about her job and drive to serve vulnerable populations, particularly at-risk youth and those involved in juvenile court . Her main objective is to prevent youth from entering the juvenile court system and to reduce juvenile delinquency and youth arrests, which aligns perfectly with her current role. Through her work, Carvel is able to truly make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents by promoting self-sufficiency, resiliency, independence, advocacy, and healthy development. 

Carvel graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Winston-Salem State University where she served as Project Manager for an independent research study on false confessions and Miranda waiver.  Carvel moved on to earn her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a Forensic concentration from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. She attended and completed very inclusive and diverse internships during her schooling, allowing her to specialize in working with a range of diverse individuals within forensic settings particularly at-risk youth with complex mental illness and those involved in juvenile court. She has extensive training/certifications in suicide prevention, trauma informed care, crisis intervention, and mental health first aid for adults and adolescents.

            Carvel feels she truly made a difference when she worked as a Youth Mentor for 3 years. She was constantly seeing progress made by the young girls she worked with. Carvel was able to form close, strong, trusting, and positive relationships with the youth and there was one particular older adolescent she had a very close relationship with and helped transform in a huge way.  This teenager went from being sad most days to being happy most days, feeling unsafe in her home to feeling safe in her home, feeling hopeless and suicidal to hopeful about her future, having little self-confidence to developing a positive self-image, having poor self-care to a vast improvement in self-care strategies, loss of independence to gaining it back – the change was incredible! The bond she shared and the ways in which she was able to help this girl was transformative. If Carvel could make one, big, positive change to the world it would be to reform the Juvenile Justice System by altering police interrogation tactics, mandating counsel for arrested youth, and mandating substance use/mental health screenings for all youth brought to the police department in order to prevent and reduce false confessions, Miranda waiver, harsher punishments, or possible transfer to adult court.  Mandated screenings will allow law enforcement officials to recognize youth who have mental health issues and/or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol so they can proceed with caution, care, and the proper treatment.      
In her spare time, Carvel enjoys traveling with her Husband and meeting new people and exploring new places. She loves trying different cuisine and learning about other cultures and new language. She finds enjoyment in exercising and outdoor activities such hiking, canoeing, camping, and grilling. She also enjoys taking photos and capturing happy times with friends and family and scrap-booking these memories. Carvel is a member of the Greater Fall River Suicide Prevention Coalition and is extremely passionate about raising suicide awareness and helping youth and families impacted by suicide. She hopes to design a suicide survivor support group in the near future in which the Family Center can offer to youth affected by the loss of a loved one through suicide. Carvel is also proficient in American Sign Language and has a strong desire to strengthen her communication and connections with the Deaf community.