Kati Mapa

Clinical Advocate
508-857-0272 Ext. 115
Kati has been our Clinical Advocate for the DEC Initiative since March 2019. In this role, Kati connects children and families impacted by substance abuse to community-based services and resources, as well as raises awareness and provides training about trauma and trauma-sensitive approaches for police and first responders, school personnel, community providers, and residents of Plymouth County. As part of the DEC initiative, Kati works to partner the Family Center with a variety of organizations and providers throughout Plymouth County, particularly the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office and Plymouth County Outreach, the police-led overdose follow-up program.  
Kati is passionate about her work, striving to best serve children and families. She loves to work with the Family Center’s partner agencies to make services and training available to the community, learning from them and alongside them to help combat the impact of addiction on children in Plymouth County. What drew her into this work was the opportunity to build a new program to make change in the community, which draws upon her background and experience in community organization and policy change.  
Kati enjoys feeling as though she has made a difference in each family she works with, seeing individuals or families use knowledge and skills learned through the DEC programs. Kati believes that small changes over time add up to big, long-term improvement, both in direct service and in policy change. She hopes to spend her time in her career making many changes, big and small, so that she can make a positive impact in her community.  
Kati is a Brockton resident with a background in Social Work. She and her husband of 11 years have two dogs and a cat that they love and treat more like children than pets. She loves to read, plays soccer on a local rec team, and enjoys hiking with her dogs when the weather is nice.