Kristi Glenn

Kristi is our Consultant for the Community Connections of Brockton for the South Shore Community Magazine and Leadership Conference since 2017. Kristi works with the volunteers of both the South Shore Community Magazine and Leadership Conference, as well as other community members or people who are interested in being a part of these efforts, to plan and implement both the magazine and the conference.  
Kristi is passionate about her work as it is a chance to give back to her community. She believes the resources for families in Brockton and throughout Plymouth County can always be shared in new and exciting ways and is ecstatic to be a part in making that happen. Her favorite part about her job is being able to meet and work with amazing people from the community and all of the vivacious and creative volunteers.  
Kristi feels she has really a made a difference in her children’s lives, as she has watched them grow and be able to stand firm in being the individuals that they are and not feel like they have to be the people she wanted them to be, instead of who they truly are in the world. If Kristi could make one, big positive change to the world it would be to eliminate the negative stigma related to mental health, and to stop the blaming and shaming of parents whose children have mental health needs and describes herself as warrior already fighting the battle for this worthy cause.  
Kristi was raised as a proud Cape Verdean woman born and raised in Brockton. She is a single mother and a Brockton based business owner. She believes deeply in the expertise and empowerment of families and the importance of community wellness. Kristi enjoys her new role as a plant mom in training and loves to spend time on the beach and in the sun.