Lauren Connors

Community Resource Specialist
508-857-0272 Ext. 102
Lauren is one of our Family Support Workers, working with Alison and Claudia to help families find resources for housing, food insecurities, utilities, and any other needs a family may be struggling with. Her role also includes running parenting classes with Claudia and Faith, working on the DEC initiative with Kati and Jennifer, and teaching an “Addiction in my Family” class with Kati to help families understand addiction and support family members in need. She has been in this role since May 2019. 
Lauren is passionate about the work she does to help families in need. She really enjoys facilitating the Parenting Journey and Addiction in my Family classes, as she feels watching participants open up and seeing the change start to take place is rewarding. To be able to help a family, then do a follow up, and hear how the assistance has impacted them stays close to her heart.  
If Lauren could make a big, positive change to the world it would be to give the necessary resources to families in need of healthcare, housing and food insecurities. I would also like to see children who have a history of trauma get the proper help they deserve and need.  
Lauren feels as if she has truly made a difference in the world through facilitating the parenting groups, especially when participants do not know if they are ready to accept help. To guide them through the process of being ready for help, asking for help, and receiving the help - makes such a difference.  
In her spare time Lauren enjoys reading, hiking, and skiing. Spending time with her children.