Meghan Jeannetti

CCB Contractor


Meghan is our Community Connections of Brockton Contractor! She started with us in September of 2022 as an FRC intern and upon completion of her internship, joined us to help work on Community Connections of Brockton. She works alongside Kasey and Wallace to offer the Brockton community various resources as well as to establish partnerships and outreach opportunities. Some big CCB tasks Meghan works on include but are not limited to the South Shore Community Magazine, the Annual South Shore Leadership Conference, the Community Garden, bi-monthly car seat safety courses, a partnership with Cradles to Crayons that allows us to offer families diapers, and a partnership with Heart of a Giant to educate the community about Blood Pressure. 

Meghan was eager to stay on with the FRC staff upon completion of her internship and chose this job to be able to continue working with everyone to provide the resources and support to not only the Brockton community, but Greater Plymouth County as well. Her favorite part about this job is its versatility. Working with diverse populations, families, and organizations, Meghan feels as if she learns something new every day. She admires that we do not always just give one-on-one support, but that we are able to reach an entire community to provide support, resources, and even sometimes just basic information. She loves that we advocate for people and families and in turn, teach them to advocate for themselves!

Meghan feels as if the Family Center is different from other service agencies because of the various grants and partnerships we have that can provide various services to families in the surrounding communities, while also able to collaborate and work together to support the families that come to us for services. If Meghan could do one thing to make a big, positive change to the world, it would be to bring back the humanity and empathy that this world seems to have lost. From big organizations and companies, all the way down to the individual, empathy and understanding for others is something that can be lacking.  With the many people she has been able to help along the way in her different roles, from RAFT applications or even just lending an ear, she has learned that it’s the smaller actions that some people take for granted that sometimes matter the most. She hopes to continue learning and growing as an individual so that she can use her knowledge to help others.  “I don’t know if I will ever be someone who can change the whole world, but I do know that if I can reach and provide support to just one person, then I could possibly change THEIR world for the better.”

Meghan spent a few years serving in the United States Army before coming home and going back to school for a Bachelor of Science Degree. She double majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She took a year off before going back to school, currently working on her Master of Social Work Degree to continue to serve the community in the best way she felt she can. “I have always known that I wanted to be in human services in some capacity and this is where my path in life has taken me. I want to be the support for others that I did not have when I needed it.”