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Our United Way Team



Dennis Carman
President & CEO
Tel. 508.583.6306 ext.105


Cindy Gillis
Director of Finance
Tel. 508.583.6306 ext.103


Darby Perkins
HR & Finance Assistant
Tel. 508.583.6306 ext. 107 

Community Impact

Kimberly Allen

Director of Community Relations & Marketing
Tel. 508.583.6306 ext.106

Resource Development

Connie Hundt

Director of Resource Development
Tel. 508.583.6306 ext.104


Joe Travers
Resource Development Associate
Tel. 508.583.6306 ext.102


Community Connections

Melinda Kneeland
Director of Community Connections & The Family Center
Tel. 508.857.0272



Family Center Staff

Maria Brennan, Program Manager
Yanick Mathieu, Administrative Assistant
Alison Lopes, School Liaison
Claudia Cunha, Community Resource Specialist
Maryline Sakpo, Community Resource Specialist
Vivian Webster, Community Resource Specialist
Jensen Denoyes, Community Engagement Specialist