Brockton Area Hunger Network




Our Brockton Area Hunger Network is one of many Hunger Networks in the state.

Massachusetts Hunger Networks 

Hunger Networks provide an opportunity for emergency food programs and others interested in eliminating hunger to network, share ideas, problem solve, educate, and collaborate. Some of the goals of the hunger networks are as follows:

• To identify gaps in services for the hungry;
• To coordinate local hunger services;
• To develop projects that address local hunger; and
• To educate members and local communities about the extent of hunger.

They accomplish this through monthly, bimonthly or quarterly meetings, depending on the region. Meetings last about 1 ½ to 2 hours and generally include time for updates and information sharing from each of the participants, information from the local food bank, discussion of trends in the community, planning for upcoming events and holiday seasons, and a report from Project Bread. Many networks also invite speakers to inform members of other services available to their clients. Network meetings are open to all emergency food programs, regardless of their funding source or membership in a food bank.

In addition to the Hunger Networks, there are other local groups that have organized around the issue of hunger. Many have been commissioned by their city or town government. Some meet just once or twice a year, to collaborate on programs like the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive or the fall holidays; others meet more frequently and may address other issues, such as homelessness.

Participation in a local hunger network or commission can be extremely helpful for both new and experienced food programs. Meetings provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, problem solve, and see the larger picture of hunger in the local community. And through e-mail the networks are able to communicate efficiently between meetings and quickly disseminate useful information.

Contact Dennis Carman, President & CEO at to learn more about joining BAHN.

Need help?  If you or your family is facing hunger right now, we want to help. Call Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333 or click here to find resources that can make a real difference.