DEI Statement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

United Way of Greater Plymouth County


United Way of Greater Plymouth County celebrates diversity among the people we serve and those who serve them. We acknowledge a history in this country where harm, cruelty and injustice were inflicted on people because of their race and ethnicity and we understand that this persists today.  We denounce racism and oppression in all their forms.  Because we know that values without actions fall short, we will uphold our mission to “improve lives” and to “Live United” with a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We will actively and relentlessly work against systemic racism, discrimination, and oppression.  We will work together with our neighbors from diverse backgrounds in greater Plymouth County as equal partners to identify and understand their specific and unique needs, and we will generate resources to meet those needs. United Way of Greater Plymouth County will train our staff and volunteers to recognize and undo all acts of systemic racism, in order to fight against it at all times and in all instances.  We make this pledge as part of a long term commitment to co-creating meaningful and lasting change with the communities in which we serve.