Kasey Martin

Community Engagement Specialist Ext. 104
Kasey is our Community Engagement Specialist serving at the Family Center in Brockton since November 2020. Kasey helps with creating the South Shore Community Magazine as well as planning the annual South Shore Leadership Conference. Kasey will also be working with other staff to provide engaging community experiences for children and families in the South Shore Community. 
Kasey worked for 10 years in Early Education and Care helping families through the parenting journey while caring for their little ones, and also has experience working with school-aged children and many children of diverse backgrounds. Kasey has an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration and will have her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Early Intervention in June of 2021. As a past Childcare Director, Kasey has a strong drive to help families in need with whatever resources they may require.  
Kasey has felt she has truly made a difference in the lives of the children around her – from children in her family to children in each of her classes – through everyday play experiences and providing engaging opportunities for children and families. 
If Kasey could make a big, positive change to the world, it would be to ensure all children receive the help and services they need for basic amenities such as health, food, and shelter, as well for development and education. In her spare time, Kasey enjoys spending time with her family and animals. Kasey enjoys art, crafting, reading, and writing as well as adventuring to different park and beaches and enjoying the summertime and warm weather!