Volunteer Opportunity - Allocation Panelist


Volunteer Position Description

Position Title: Allocation Panelist (*Allocation Team Captain)

Reports to: Community Impact Committee
Staff Liaison: Director of Community Relations & Marketing

General Description:
Allocation Panelists are volunteers appointed by the Community Impact Committee of the United Way of Greater Plymouth County.  The major responsibility of allocation panelists is to review agency Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and make recommendations for funding of specific initiatives that will address the current need areas identified by the community.
Key Responsibilities:
Attend Community Impact Committee training where team assignments will be made, instructions for conducting and completing Request for Proposal (RFP) assessment will be given and RFP packets will be distributed
Read Request for Proposal packets
Assess and score the Request for Proposal packets
Attend site visits of funding applicants
Meet and discuss with team members in order to reach a consensus team score for each RFP 
* Allocation team leaders will work with the funding applicants and the Director of Community Relations to schedule site visits
* Allocation team leaders will present the results of consensus scores to the Community Impact Committee
Time Commitment
The best estimate of the time commitment is a range of 15-20 hours total over the course of the three months March, April and May, including meetings, proposals reviews and site visits.  Most site visits take place on week days during the day time.  Our service area is made up of 22 cities and towns in Greater Plymouth County, ranging from as far north as Stoughton to as far south as Plymouth.  Please plan to include travel time into site visits.  
Please contact Kim Scotland, United Way of Greater Plymouth County Director of Community Relations & Marketing at 508-583-6306 or kscotland@uwgpc.org if you are interested in joining us!  We will hold a training on in March.

PDF:  Allocation Panelist Volunteer Description


Testimonials from Our Allocation Panelists

“As an Allocations Panelist, I have learned more about my community and been encouraged by the number of individuals and programs working to make the lives of others better.”
“We are bombarded on all sides with requests for funds, but have little information about how well the various charities are spending the dollars they raise. The United Way allocation program allows some of us members of the local community to separate weak programs from the strong, effective programs which deserve to be funded. As an allocation volunteer I have gained insight into our local programs and become aware of effective programs which operate quietly out of the public eye. Participation in the allocation program I find to be very gratifying.”
“It was a very rewarding experience. Had an opportunity to meet some very exceptional people who make a difference every day.”
“Being able to witness the passion of our community members who truly seek to restore hope in those they serve is undoubtedly the most cherish- able part of volunteering on the Allocation Panel.”
“This was my first year serving as a United Way of Greater Plymouth County Allocations Panelist. I found the experience extremely rewarding. I am humbled to have the opportunity to get out into the community and speak with the incredible individuals who devote their lives to these organizations and to hear from them about their greatest challenges and needs.”
“In my everyday life I am blessed to have a job, a roof over my head and food to eat. Not to mention loving friends and family who would be there for me in times of need. To meet people who don't have those blessings was truly an emotional experience.”
“It is really moving and an eye opener to do the site visits after reading the RFPs. The growing needs are stunning and the time I put into doing this makes me feel good that my scoring on funding for agencies if approved can make a difference in people of great need lives.”
“Serving as a United Way Allocation Panelist was a unique experience to contribute to the local community in a meaningful way. Funding is crucial to programs' operational capacity, so to play a role in distributing local United Way dollars in a fair and purposeful way felt very important. I was honored to serve as an Allocations Panelist and know that each site visit (what I learned there, who I met, and what I saw) left a lasting impact on me.”