The mission of Community Connections of Brockton and The Family Center is to prevent child abuse and neglect.  One of our programs “Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) Diversion”  helps youth who are having issues with home, school, and/or  the community get the assistance they need so they can continue on a path of self-sufficiency.  One of our CRA families had a recent court hearing which we attended.  We were able to help the teenage daughter “Sarah” get a foster care placement as she and her mother continue to work on building their relationship.  They are planning on reunification in 130 days, as there is much family work to do, but their relationship has been preserved because the child was able to state what her needs were with the help of our Family Center.  The Department of Children & Families placed Sarah in a foster home where her needs are being met as she and Mom work on their relationship for a brighter future together.